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What are BOHO Duvet Covers ?

Striking, graceful, round shapes occupy an important place in every Bohemian Mandala Design. Many interwoven circles are seen where each circle and each turn has it's unique pattern or color. A circle full of shapes and colors is called a 'mandala'. This is Sanskrit for 'wheel' or 'circle’.  Boho duvet covers does not only make a bed look great but  also brings a fresh breath of life into any bedroom.

Infinite Universe

The mandala originally symbolizes the infinite Universe Cosmos and plays an important role in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. For example, images of Mandalas are used as an aid in meditation. The circle then serves as an object to fully focus attention and thus to shut out the chaotic outside world. The symmetrical, geometric shape ensures that the eye of the viewer is automatically drawn to the center of the Mandala. Mandalas come in infinite variations and colors, there is even a white boho duvet cover but they all have one thing in common: each mandala forms an impressive interplay of lines, shapes and additional colors and images.

What Causes The Vivid Colors?

In addition to the Mandala the natural intrinsic design on the duvet covers and cushion covers  we sell at Designs with flowers, butterflies and birds may seem flat nowadays, but with this design they very much come to life. How is this possible? The duvet covers are made of cotton/satin as a result the brilliant colors and a subtle sheen is visible on the fabric. This gives the prints a lot of depth and brings the design and colors to life. On the other hand the combination cotton/satin does not feel 'slippery' but just soft and warm making it very comfortable to sleep under. Tip: When ordering a Queen duvet cover consider getting a King duvet cover or larger model instead. A larger model will keep you safe from your partners' tossing and turning or even stealing the covers.

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