Various Types of Bed Linens

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Bed Linen is the collective name of all the textiles used to protect your bedding. This includes mattress covers, fitted sheets, duvet covers and last but not least pillow cases. These products are not only intended to protect your pillow, duvet/ comforter, quilt or mattress, but also to add some atmosphere to the bedroom. When buying sleep products, the priority is often with being comfortable. One sleeps about 30% of his or her life. For that reason, it is very important to choose a good mattress, in combination with a nice pillow and a nice duvet. But none of these three products can be used without bed textiles. To extend the life of your products, it is wise to put covers around them. This means the products last longer and above all, they remain hygienic. This is an important additional benefit for people with an allergy to dust mites or other pests and ultimately helps create a surrounding that is more favorable to your allergies and overall health.

Types of Bed Textiles

Every form of bed linen has a different purpose. First, the mattress cover (or Molton) and the fitted sheet. These forms of bed linen are there to protect the mattress. The mattress cover is especially practical. This is somewhat thicker, prevents stains on the mattress and some of the sweat catches. A study has shown that people transpire about 200 milliliters at night. A fitted sheet has partly the same function, but it also offers better appearance. This type of bed linen is available in different colors and can be matched with the duvet cover. This is the second part of bed linen. The duvet cover covers the comforter and protects the quilt against stains. The duvet cover comes with one or two pillowcases. This depends on the size you ordered. Since a pillowcase is rather thin, you can order an extra set of pillowcases when ordering your extra pillow. These absorb part of the moisture and are easily washable.

Wide Range of Bed Linens

On you can find a large range of bedding sets. From a beautifully fitted sheet to a duvet cover with matching pillowcases that give the extra touch. All bed textiles are available in the standard USA and European sizes and made from premium fabric materials.

Best Material Bed Linens offers various types of products in different types of materials. We have bed linen made of 100% Cotton, Percale cotton, Jersey and much more. Cotton comes naturally from the plant and is woven into a fabric. This also applies to Percale Cotton, but this material has a higher weave density making it much firmer. Both materials feel smooth and cool. They do not really retain heat as well as ventilate. Jersey is a more elastic shape material shape. This stretches partly, making it especially as a fitted sheet which is perfect material. This sheet also slightly heats up when you sleep on it, but on the other hand, it ventilates well. A jersey fitted sheet, for example, is ideal for winter.

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