Kimmy - Atlanta
Very nicely padded but not overdone mattress sheet. Washes well with no pilling!! It also adds a little soft cushion and is very cozy to sleep on. That said, since our little baby started sleeping on this she does not cry anymore at night!
Thomas McIntire, UK
I am very pleased with the quality of the Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set I ordered. I don't know much about comforters and covers so I took my time to research and never knew the designs can radically change your bedroom, amazing. I decided to take a chance and ordered two. Let me say, this product is the best! It keeps me warm and at the same time it doesn't get too hot. Its also soft, light and pleasing to the eye.
Jackie, USA
I ordered the satin duvet cover which has a real soft feel to it and looks like a duvet from a nice fancy hotel. I even managed to find matching flat sheets that nicely combine the dark red color of the duvet cover.

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