The Many Faces of a Duvet Cover in Grey and Anthracite

Is a grey duvet cover boring?

Absolutely not! Grey is chique and airy and even a little bit sexy ever since ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The deeper colored anthracite looks strong and robust, but gives a warm touch as well. Both these neutral colors may be in between black and white but they can give any duvet cover design a bold appearance. A grey duvet cover or anthracite duvet cover will always looks stylish in any bedroom.

Grey Interior Design Bedroom
Grey used to be a dull color reminiscent of rainy days and dull office space, we now know better. First, grey is a neutral color and therefore combines perfectly with other colors. It gives other colors more tone. A nice example is the combination of grey and pastel: this gives a soft appearance. It is therefore a popular match for the baby room. For example, grey with blue provides a cool look and grey with a wooden brown color gives a warm, cozy atmosphere. Grey with anthracite finally works perfectly within a modern, industrial interior. Do you want to make an expressive painting stand out on the wall or let the duvet design stand out on your bed? Then choose the color grey in the background.

Grey Duvet Covers
With a grey duvet cover you do not have to worry that your bedroom becomes boring. Because it can be perfectly used as a background color, a grey duvet cover is often provided with all kinds of prints. From realistic photo prints of a tiger, wolf, owl or elephant to a design of stars, blocks or diamonds. A grey duvet cover can also be very soft and romantic. In combination with a pastel-colored floral print, romantic text or a chequered print for example.

Anthracite: Grey’s little robust brother
If grey has a light appearance, the character of anthracite can better be described as robust and sturdy. An anthracite wall can provide a room with paintings with the necessary allure and comfort.

Anthracite Duvet Cover 
An anthracite duvet cover always stays stylish. Because anthracite is used as a background color it makes  can have all sorts of prints. From calm stripes to lush floral prints, and from sturdy elephant to vinatge ornamental label. Depending on the design, an anthracite duvet cover has a sober, cool, warm or dramatic look.
One thing is certain: a gray or anthracite duvet cover will absolutely not let the bedroom look boring …

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