Platform Bed Japandi Style from MODLOFT®

Escape From The Stresses Of Everyday Life In The Comfort Of This Luxurious WORTH Platform Bed from MODLOFT®.

Enter a world of Zen as you relax, letting go of all your worries. Explore the stunning Worth  Platform Bed in Japandi Style today!

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Contemporary style meets classic design in the Japandi-style WORTH BED from Modloft®. Delivering a timeless look and feel, this elegant piece of bedroom furniture features a hardwood frame with a natural veneer finish and symmetrical nightstands for balance. Create an inviting oasis of comfort and relaxation to unwind at the end of each day.

Luxurious and modern, the Japandi-style worth platform bed presents a perfect balance between Eastern and Western design philosophies. Air ventilation keeps everything cleaner and healthier while you rest.

Two matching nightstands come included, measuring 24″W x 18″D x 7″H and giving a harmonious charm to the room. Their muted hues create an aura of serenity throughout.
No box spring is needed as the platform is already 7 inches tall with a 3.5-inch inset. Mattress can be purchased separately.

Creating an inviting ambiance in any space, this contemporary platform bed brings together nature’s touch with handmade craftsmanship for lasting style. Its versatile mix of texture and form sets the perfect place for unwinding after a long day.

Some may find its monochrome color palette slightly austere but it is a canvas of minimalism that will lift spirits at night and refresh them during the mornings. Eye-catching yet subdued, this contemporary marvel speaks volumes while making zero noise.

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The bed frames are made from quality materials that are robust and durable. The platform base offers support to ensure excellent spinal alignment while promoting air circulation under the mattress; this improves comfort as well as mattress longevity.

The neutral colors and sleek lines fit seamlessly into any decor scheme, including modern, contemporary, or classic styles. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece for your living room or bedroom, This WORTH platform bed makes an excellent choice. It adds beauty, structure, and durability without compromising comfort.

Colors: Pearl Gray Eco Leather Wenge
Colors: Soft Carbon Fabric Walnut
Colors: White Eco Leather Gray Oak
Colors: White Eco Leather Walnut


1. What are the disadvantages of a platform bed?
The main disadvantage of a platform bed is that they require more space than traditional beds, as well as being higher off the ground. Additionally, heavier mattresses may need additional support to be used on a platform bed.

2. Can I put a regular mattress on a platform bed?
Yes, you can put a regular mattress on a platform bed. However, heavier mattresses may need additional support to be used on a platform bed.

3. How do panel beds differ from platform beds?
Panel beds differ from platform beds in that they emphasize style over structure. Panel beds feature decorative headboards without side rails or footboards

4. What is the difference between a platform bed frame and a regular bed frame?
The difference between a platform and a regular bed frame lies in how the mattress is supported; with traditional frames, box springs are necessary for elevated comfort; however, with a platform bed, no box springs are required for support.

5. What do you put under a platform bed?
Underneath the platform bed, you’ll want to ensure your floor is adequately covered in some way (eg foam or rubber mats) or else dust and dirt will accumulate easier than off other types of frames. As far as foundations go, many brands offer specialized foundations designed specifically for use with platform beds but otherwise not needed.

6. Do you need a foundation for a platform bed?
No, you do not need a foundation for a platform bed. However, many brands offer specialized foundations explicitly designed for use with platform beds if additional support is desired.

7. Do platform beds have good support?
Yes, platform beds have good support. Quality frame materials make all the difference when choosing a reliable platform bed – look out for sturdy hardwood species like oak or maple – slats should be at least 2-3 inches wide spaced no more than 4-6 inches apart – and often coated

8. What to look for when buying a platform bed?
They should have ample clearance under the base, ensuring better ventilation than standard beds. Finally, ensure that the bed frame is sturdy and well-constructed with quality materials like hardwood species such as oak or maple. Slats should be at least 2-3 inches wide and spaced no more than 4-6 inches apart.

9. What are the benefits of a platform bed?
The benefits of a platform bed include improved ventilation, as the mattress is elevated off the floor. Additionally, platform beds are usually more affordable than traditional bed frames and require no box springs for support. Platform beds also provide a modern look that can be easily customized with different headboards and footboards. Finally, they are often easier to assemble than traditional bed frames.

10. Does a platform bed need ventilation?
Yes, a platform bed needs ventilation. The mattress is elevated off the floor, allowing air to circulate underneath and around it. This helps keep the mattress cool and dry, which can help extend its life. Additionally, having adequate clearance under the base ensures better ventilation compared to standard beds.

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