10 reasons why a good night’s sleep has big health benefits

Ten reasons why you should not miss those precious hours in dreamland.

Did you know that sleeping is more important than eating and exercise?

1. Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of your body and mind. It regulates your body temperature and ensures that your nervous system is working properly.

2. Sleep deprivation will make you feel irritable and impatient. It even affects your sense of humor. So think of your family, friends and colleagues when you pulling another all-nighter.

3. According to a study by the Loughborough University Sleep Research Center, each lost hour of sleep of the eight required causes sleep of the eight hours required, for the loss of about one IQ point. Imagine how defective your brain functions after a whole week of bad sleep.

4. A lack of sleep causes you to have trouble concentrating on tasks, remembering things and making rational decisions. Consider how this hinders your productivity at work.

5. Not getting enough sleep influences the way your body processes food. In the long run, this can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

6. Research shows that getting enough sleep affects your lifespan. It has even more influence than healthy eating habits, exercise and heredity.

7. Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria and therefore more susceptible to disease.

8. Feeling tired all the time can cause tension and even anxious feelings, depending on how much effort you have to cope with daily stress.

9. You have heard of a beauty sleep right? There is a reason why they call it that. Skin and hair cells renew themselves at night. Due to lack of sleep this process is disrupted.

10. Severe sleep deprivation has the same effect as alcohol, it slows down your responsive reflexes . You can imagine how dangerous it is when you start to drive, exercise or take on other activities in  a situation where concentration and coordination are necessary.


Sleep is a vital component of overall health leads to a better lifestyle. However, not everyone needs the same number of hours of sleep. The simplest way to figure out how much sleep you need is to go to bed around a reasonable time without setting the alarm. Watch the next morning how long you slept without an external factor (children, your partner, daylight, noise) waking you up.

Sleep tight!

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