5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed

Hey there sleepyhead, do you remember? Did you make your bed this morning? Before you stumble out of bed and leave your bedroom make it a habit to quickly fluff off the pillows then pull the sheets and comforter straight which literally takes seconds, and is the easiest way to make your entire bedroom look better instantly.

 1. Start your day off productively
If you just make your bed in the morning – before you leave for work – you are definitely starting your day off with setting the tone for the entire day and already tick off one task on your to do list. What else can do so much to make you happy with so little effort, and in so little time? By the end of the day, that one little task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.

2. You will feel more comfortable and in control
You spend about one third of your life in your bedroom, so the appearance of your room has most definitely an effect on your mood. Not only will your bedroom look even more attractive with a made-up bed, but it will also also your head gets a positive swing because it’s likely that you’ll get inspired to improve the rest of your room or even your house, even if you do it step by step.

3. Lowers Your Stress and Improves Your Mood so You can sleep better
A room that is clean and tidy is not only good for you but your night’s sleep also reaps the benefits. A study by the National Sleep Foundation suggests that you actually get a better night’s sleep by sleeping in a clean and made-up bed. Besides when you arrive home from a hard days work nothing feels better it also provides a tidy bedroom when you come home after a long day of work.

4. You are being sustainable
If you cover up your sheets and bedding your duvet will stay fresh longer as well as your sheets because they stay wrinkle free. Note: when you wake up, open your window ajar and fold your duvet to the end of the bed. This way your quilt stays fresher.

5. Your room looks nicer
A crumpled bunch of sheets on your bed most certainly does not looks inviting? Certainly not. And it is certainly not a showstopper for your interior. If you have invested in a nice bed and a good mattress you should pay attention to a seasonal duvet/comforter with great looking duvet cover that fits your mood and surroundings. Give it another chance and let it be seen in all its glory.

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March 14, 2018

Hi, Just wanted to say that making my bed every day has been a life changer. You should try it!

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