How to make your bed like a hotel bed

How do you make your own picture-perfect hotel bed?

Learn how to choose the right style of bedding and start folding neat corners with your bed sheet like a pro. What follows are a few simple steps to making your bed the cleanest and crispest it has ever been.

We all know the beautifully sleek hotel beds. Invitingly layered with crisp clean sheets and tight blankets. How wonderful it is to dive onto it after a long day of travel. At home, our bed often looks very different after a night’s sleep. Making your bed every morning can be a chore. Moreover, when we just woke up at the crack of dawn, we often don’t feel like or have time to make the bed extensively. Fortunately, that is also not the best time to do this. But how do you make that picture-perfect bed that seems to come straight from a hotel room? It requires some simple know-how and a few handy tricks. And once you have mastered these tricks you will see that you do not have to spend much time on that. Today we share these experts’ secrets with you so that you too can sleep like a king or queen. Give yourself this gift!

First step: Choose the right style of bedding

According to the experts, the most important key to a well-made bed is the right quality bedding. Because really: you can’t make a stylish, inviting bed from a flat discolored pillow. Therefore choose the right quality duvets and pillows. Invest in a few beautiful full pillows made of natural material. New pillows are full and fluffy and provide that inviting look in your bedroom. Two cushions in two different shades of pillowcases that match the color palette of your bedroom provide that luxurious feel & touch in your bedroom. And take an example of the French way of making your bed: place a roller cushion between your headboard and your pillows. This way your pillows stay nice and you won’t get neck pain when you read a book or watch television in bed. When you go to sleep, place this next to your bed.

Second step: Don’t make your bed immediately after waking up (what a relief!)

After a night’s sleep, your bed is hot and humid. In short, the ideal environment for all kinds of microorganisms. Moreover, on average you lose moisture at night. If you are sensitive to dust and dust mites, airing is a must. But even when you have no allergies, it is important to air your bed when you wake up with the window open. In the meantime, you can get dressed and have breakfast. Before you go out the door however take about 3 to 5 minutes to make your bed generously.

Third step: quickly and easily replace your duvet cover

A new cover around your comforter can be quite an undertaking. Sometimes it can be so difficult to fit your comforter in the cover that it messes up your mood. But did you know that there is a very simple trick to put on a duvet cover that makes your life so much more enjoyable?

Fourth step: the hospital fold

The hotel or hospital fold is that perfectly made bed that fits beautifully tight at the corners. It’s a folding technique that is used by stretching and folding a bedspread or blanket around the mattress in a professional way. This explains this step by step we included a short video below that explains it in less than two minutes!



The fifth step: The essentials

Then there are some smart tips to apply. Preferably choose the more luxurious and heavier natural materials. These not only look better but also fall better on your bed. Also, consider linen as a material. Ideal for families with pets and children because it does not have to be tight on your bed. The best choice for a beautifully made hotel bed is still the normal white cotton sheets. Make sure that these are considerably larger than your mattress so that you can tuck them in well with the hospital fold. When you buy a new comforter cover, make sure that it fits around your comforter. Even if you buy a standard double cover, it can still be that there is a lot of space on top or side and your comforter always looks messy. Always measure the dimensions carefully. Finally, it is recommended to place caps under the legs of your bed. This ensures that your bed stays in place and you do not disappear between your bed and headboard when reading a book.


The sixth step: Making your bed professionally

When the cover is correctly wrapped around your comforter, just tap it so that some air comes in and it looks nice and fluffy. Then fold the top edge over and tuck it in firmly along the side. Then place your bedspread on the bed and fold it around your mattress with the hospital fold. Place a loose, smaller folded plaid on top. You also shake the pillows and place them diagonally against the roller cushion. Or how about placing them horizontally on top of each other without a roll cushion, with two smaller cushions diagonally against it. There are many possibilities as long as you do not make it over complicated.

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