Simple Trick To Put On A Duvet Cover

Do you have a hard time reinserting your comforter into a duvet cover? With this handy life-changing tip your days of endless fiddling with duvet and cover is over!

For years we have been doing it the wrong way: turning the cover inside out, grasping the tips of the blanket on the inside and after some wild shaking moves it spreads out until the duvet is inserted. In itself a great technique, were it not that your arms always seem to be just a few inches too short trying to get it right.

Duvet Cover Hack – The Burrito Way
In the below step-by-step video instruction, a friendly California woman demonstrates how to make your bed in no time: She will shows you how you can change your duvet within 1 minute with this incredible burrito rolling trick. Learning this trick takes a little bit of time and maybe it will take a little bit longer the first time but keep on doing it and practice makes perfect.

Now you can wash your duvet cover more frequently and hang out your comforter so that you will have a better and healthier sleep!

Step 1.
Lay the duvet cover back to front on your bed with the opening at the base.

Step 2.
Place the duvet/comforter on top.

Step 3.
Align all the corners

Step 4.
Starting at the head of your bed, roll your duvet cover and duvet/comforter up like a burrito.

Step 5.
Now this is the important part! When you’re at the end of your bed reach into the opening of your duvet cover and turn it over to one end of your rolled up burrito exposing the right side of your duvet cover.

Step 6.
Repeat on the other side.

Step 7.
Repeat in the middle.

Step 8.
Simply unroll your bedding back up toward the top of your bed

Step 9.
That’s it!

If you need to wash the duvet cover just remove your duvet cover by reversing these steps for an easy removal.

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