How to make your Bed Look Fluffy

The beds at Bed Comforter Shop ook so fluffy and inviting – Have you ever wondered why that is?

We sometimes get the question from people who purchased a complete bedding set ensemble for their bedroom, that it never looks quite looks as fluffy as on the pictures on the site ?

  • So How do we get the bed images SO Fluffy?

Are you ready for the secret? We put TWO comforters inside every duvet cover! Amazing – right? This way it looks fuller! Now – although it looks awesome, this would NOT be recommended for anyone who actually sleeps underneath. You can guess why because It would be way too warm with a double layer!

If, however, you are one of those people who do not sleep with the comforter and remove it at night when you sleep – then go for it.

  • How do you insert the duvet inside the cover? 

I have a king size bed, so it can be a challenge. The trick is to turn the cover inside-out.

Our Full Panda comforters and Duvet inserts have handy little ties on the corners (and in the middle for the king-size) to secure the insert.

  • Why does your bed look like a hotel bed?

Another tip to give away is how to let your bed look like a hotel bed.

The way to do this is to use pillow layers when making up the bed. You can have two big square pillows in the back of the bed followed by two regular pillows for sleeping then the fancy sham pillows and one decorative in the middle. That’s 7 pillows that bring life to your bedroom!

We can offer complete bedding and pillow sets to be ordered in ‘Bundle’ through our site for the use of multi-purpose decorating (re-using things in different rooms and replacing pillows with different sizes including new duvet covers and duvet inserts for full queen king.

A few final tips:

1. Don’t sleep (or lay your head) on the shams if they are silk or linen. The natural oils in your hair will stain them.

2. If you are lucky enough to have hardwood in your bedroom, use a rug either underneath or on either side of your bed. Your feet should hit carpet when you get up in the morning. It’s just more pleasant.

I hope you found this helpful.

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