Transform a Room by Decorating With Cushions

Do not underestimate the power of decorating a room in your home with throw pillows or cushions. It’s something really simple that can already be done by just adding two or three elements which can completely change the look of a room.

Start by changing the cushions that came with your sofa
Change or upholster the pillows that came with your sofa so by keeping the same structure. Changing just the color or the drawing will give it a different touch and your sofa will look new.

Create odd number groupings
One of the best ways to distribute the various pillows is to use the “rule of the three”. This rule serves for both cushions and many other types of accessories in your room.

Groups with three cushions are simple and give a special touch to the decoration, but if three seem too many, leave only one large cushion or several small ones that combine well with each other.

Think big … and small when decorating with pillows!
Large fluffy cushions give a more casual and cozy look to the room, while the small pillows look more formal. You can put the largest cushions on the sofa in the back to make it look bigger and produce a visual effect giving it more height. The smaller cushions in the front will bring visual interest.

Combine different colors and textures.
Many people tend to use neutral and smooth colors in the decoration of the house. The cushions are an easy and elegant way to add color and be playful.

Innovate, mix and match different colors with your cushions. Take the largest cushion as a base and go and combine the rest of the cushions according to their color.

Visually increase your bedroom with more of these pillows so you get the right combination that everybody loves.

The bedroom is the place where most cushions usually lay on the bed to give it playful look when it comes to decorating but at night it is usually not the most practical when you got to take it all off again.

If you do not know how to start take some small cushions as a base that you can put directly on top of the pillows. Then, if you still have space, add groups of three pillows and dare to combine different sizes and shapes, such as long rectangular pillows with shams. 


Dare to innovate before making a decision.

A cushion that you are using for your room may look better in the bedroom and vice versa. Changing the cushions from one room to another can give a different or special touch so keep on experimenting.

If you have doubts, you can go directly to a store, make different combinations of pillow cases and take pictures for later in your house, verify imagine how they can be.

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