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Mattress Covers Including Bedsheets - the Basics

A mattress is not complete without a mattress cover, as bedsheets are with a bed comforter. Make your own bed complete and more desirable by adding a few extra touches to your bedding.

The bed is your sanctuary after a long day. It is the place where you can relax, snuggle with your partner, or simply indulge in a good book. It is no wonder, then, that so many people want to make their beds more inviting and comfortable.  The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do so, and we have a bunch of them for you: from the most popular color bed sheets that are currently trending to the most luxurious options that can be custom-made by a bedding expert, the sky is the limit.

The difference between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet

Basically, the fitted sheet wraps around the mattress and mattress-cover as protection. They have a number of advantages. First of all, it’s all about hygiene. A fitted sheet can be easily removed from the mattress so that it can be washed. Secondly, it looks good and well cared for. We have a range of fitted sheets in different colors and designs so you can choose one that perfectly fits your duvet cover. Third, it feels comfortable and wonderfully soft when it covers and stretches over the fabric of the mattress cover.

Fitted Sheets and Mattress Toppers

The most common material for fitted sheets is cotton. This material comes from the cotton plant and is then processed. The soft cotton fibers are then spun into fabric. Cotton fitted sheets feel smooth and cool. A large part of the fitted sheets are made of percale cotton, this is the highest quality cotton available so that the fitted sheets will last longer. The quality is so high because the material is very tightly woven and so it is firmer. Another commonly used material with fitted sheets is satin. This material is woven in a special way, making it very soft to the touch and a sense of luxury. This ensures the extra appearance of your mattress. Another popular option is the jersey fitted sheet. This elastic material ensures that the fitted sheet fits easily around the mattress. This material also feels slightly warmer than cotton but does attract nicely smooth around the mattress. This material is highly recommended for the winter.

Types of Fitted Sheets

Not every mattress is the same. For example, most average mattresses have a thickness of between 19 and 22 cm (around 8 inches). A regular or standard fitted sheet is suitable for these mattresses. For box spring mattresses, other covers are needed, because they are often thicker (from 15 to 20 inches in depth). Finally, there are mattresses toppers and split toppers. For a mattress topper, different size fitted sheet is suitable than for a mattress because it is a lot thinner. A split topper has a specific size because it has a split at the top (and in some cases also at the bottom). A separate pad is suitable for every type of mattress.

A Complete Bed linen Set

In order to keep your mattress clean and new for as long as possible, you can put a Molton mattress protector to protect the mattress. This is just a bit thicker and absorbs some perspiration. In addition, it feels extra soft and prevents the mattress from being affected. The most important thing about3 a bed and the accompanying bedding is that it is nice, that it is warm enough, and that it feels wonderfully soft. In addition, it is also nice if it looks a bit nice and everything fits together. You can ensure that your fitted sheet fits your duvet cover by, for example, matching the colors.

Buy Quality Bedsheets

If you have found a particular bed sheet in our broad collection that fits your sleeping preferences, please check before ordering whether you have the right size. It would be a shame if you ordered too small a size for your mattress. In general, it is not bad if you have ordered a size too large because the fitted sheet can still be tightened around the mattress. When you have made a choice and placed the products in the shopping cart you can easily order. You do this by filling in your details and paying online with Paypal or your credit card. We only use your data to send you an email with the confirmation of your order. In addition, we need your address to deliver the products to the right place. Once you have ordered, we will send your product as soon as possible and all with FREE SHIPPING!

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