Custom Made Duvet Covers(1 item)

Now you can finally sleep with your own favorite photo or design. All you have to do is to purchase the custom made duvet cover order together with the right size. Send us your favorite image or photo or create your own design with instructions. We will send you a digital image of how your duvet cover will look like. All high-quality prints will be made on the front of an off-white 2 person duvet cover. How it works We will print your own photo or design on a duvet cover or order one with a  print ready-made that you have pre-chosen out of our collection. Front Duvet Cover The front of the duvet cover is 100% polyester and is the part where the design will be printed on. The back part where one sleeps is made of 100% soft cotton. Matching pillowcases Custom Made Matching pillowcases can also be printed. These can be made for you in addition to your pre-designed duvet cover. You do not have to crop or separate them in your photo editor. If you would like to use other photos for the free pillowcases, you can contact us together with your order number and photo requirements.

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