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What is the Difference Between an Alternative Down Comforter and a Comforter?

If you've ever given serious thought to what the difference is between an alternative down comforter and a comforter, then you're in the right place. As you may have guessed from the name, both “alternative down comforter” and “comforter” refer to the same thing: a type of bedding that replaces the traditional blankets and sheets used in current bedding sets. However, these terms can also be a bit confusing because they can also be used to describe other types of bedding, like quilts. If you’ve ever bought a comforter or down alternative comforter, then you probably know there is some confusion surrounding the two. A down alternative comforter isn’t a true alternative to down-filled comforters, but it’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of a comforter without the cost. Down alternative comforters have the softness and cozy warmth of feathers, without the mess.

Introducing Alternative Down Comforters

Traditional down comforters use synthetic feathers or down pellets, which may have a coarse, glue-like feel. Down alternatives have a down comforter’s signature “fleecy” feel. The good news is that any type of comforter made of feathers or down is an alternative down comforter. All down alternative comforters are created from pure down, just like a traditional down comforter, and they still have the fluffy texture of a down comforter. They are made from either feather-down or synthetic materials, and they can also be made out of a mix of both. Alternative down comforters also have the same thermal qualities as a down comforter, with the added benefit of being a softer material, thus making them comfortable and more suitable for cozier bedrooms.

How do Alternative Down Comforters Compare to Down Comforters?

If you’re wondering what the differences are between an alternative down comforter and a comforter, don’t worry. We’re here to help. The two types of comforters are similar, but you can’t necessarily equate them when it comes to actual warmth. The key is to find the right down comforter with the right insulation properties. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your comforter. Down Alternative Comforters versus Feather Comforters, Both types of comforter have the same function. They’re both made with down, which provides the most warmth on the market. They’re both surrounded by a comforter or quilt. However, while down comforters are typically created from a single layer of down feathers, an alternative down comforter may be made with more than one type of down.

The Benefits of Alternative Down Comforters

Some people are allergic to feathers or down. This is typically a response to something in the down, usually a chemical in the feathers themselves. Other people experience sensitivity to some feather proteins. You may also want to think about switching over to alternative comforters because you want a better night’s sleep. Comforters and sheets can take several minutes to get warmed up in the morning. Some people experience the results of their body heat not being warmed up enough for a good night's sleep. Alternative down comforters are already warm when you first put them on the bed. Beyond sleeping better, there are several other benefits of alternative down comforters. They're warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Eventually, you're going to have to wash your comforter. Of course, you can just take it to the dry cleaning whenever it's time, but, if you're anything like us, you're always on the lookout for ways to do things yourself, which is why we prepared a list of care instructions below on how to wash and take proper care of your alternative comforter.

How to Wash Your Alternative Down Comforter

  1. You should wash your comforter every 2-3 months
  2. Down alternative comforters and duvet inserts is machine washable.
  3. When you are done washing, spin the drum fast to get the water out.
  4. The drying guidelines for a down alternative comforter are different than a regular comforter.
  5. It is better to wash your duvet in a washing machine because it might take a long time to dry.
  6. You can take the comforter out of the washer and hang it up to let it dry.
  7. It is not recommended to dry your down-filled duvet in a dryer as it will damage the expensive duvet.
  8. In case of an alternative down comforter, you can use tumble-dry on Low Heat setting only for a short time. High temperatures can damage the comforter.

How to Buy Alternative Down Comforters

You might be surprised to learn that there are many different types of alternative down comforters and down alternative comforters to choose from at BedComforterShop. If you’ve ever had one of these types of comforters, then you know they have very different characteristics. Not all down alternative comforters are created equally, so it’s important to know what you’re getting. We have made a list of some of the most common types of alternative down comforters, but not all of these products are the same. You’ll have to consider the individual characteristics such as what the right amount of heat is, and if your a warm sleeper or cold sleeper, before you buy any type of alternative down comforter. Of course, there are other ways to beat the chilly nights—like the ever-popular electric blankets. But, if you're anything like most people, you prefer a good ol' fashioned down alternative comforter


In the end, what you should really want to know is what the differences are between a comforter and an alternative down comforter. While you may spend your life thinking you’ve found your perfect comforter replacement, the truth is that when it comes to feathers, they aren’t all the same. The fibers and layers that make up the feathers of a down comforter are unique, and they’re going to feel different on every person. The way these fibers shift when you move is going to feel different. This means it’s going to be very different from the way other down comforters feel and the level of warmth on your body. But it’s not the difference that matters. It’s what makes your excellent comforter so special, and so unique to you.

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