Duvet Covers


What are Duvet Covers?


A Duvet Cover is an important part of any bedroom decor, but exactly what is it?

A duvet (pronounced "due-vay") is a type of comforter usually filled with down feathers or with synthetic fill materials. The word "duvet" is a French term that translates to "down comforter." Many people use duvet covers thinking they are a special thin blanket for the top of their comforter. However, this is not the case. Duvet covers are actually just an outer shell, which is designed to protect your comforter. Duvet covers are made to be soft and delicate and keep the duvet insert (or bed comforter) clean. Duvet covers are also an accessory that can change the mood of your bedroom in a matter of minutes. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and various type of fabric. Duvet covers are typically used to cover comforters or down alternative duvets. They're generally known as covers because they only cover the top of the bedding and don't slide over the mattress as sheets do. Of course, this begs the question:

How to put on a Duvet Cover?

Duvet cases are a lot like pillowcases, only bigger, fluffier, and 100% more comfortable. If you're looking to get into this giant fluffy comforter conspiracy then it's time to find out how duvet covers work. Duvet covers protect the comforter from being soiled by other objects in your home, and they add a layer of protection to keep it from getting damaged over time. In order to use it, it is important to know how to slide over a duvet cover on top of a duvet or comforter. The only way to explain this is with our blog article on how to use a duvet cover.

Is a Duvet Cover the same as a bedspread?

We have all heard of duvet covers, but for many people, the term is just a mystery. It’s no wonder it can be so confusing since a duvet cover doesn’t fit within the typical definition of a bedspread (for example it is not only used on top of your comforter). Replacing the comforter and sheets may seem like the best idea. Or simply use it without a comforter or sheets? If you want to know more about the difference between a comforter vs. Duvet, I will go over what exactly duvet covers are, and how to use them in this article.

Is a Duvet cover convenient?

It’s hard to find any type of bedding items as convenient as duvet covers, and that’s why so many of us are using them. Most of the time when we buy a bed comforter, we also get a duvet cover. But have you ever wondered what exactly is the purpose of these “covers”? protect the appearance of your comforter or quilt and can serve as either an attractive piece of bedding or can simply protect your bed comforter from any necessary cleaning.

Is a Duvet Cover easy to clean?

Absolutely! Duvet covers are basically a duvet without the pillow, so they are easy to clean and will protect your duvet insert (comforter) internal fabric in the long run. The best way to get a duvet cover clean without the hassle to use both your washer and dryer is to take it to dry cleaning. In case you decide to wash it by machine, keep in mind that Egyptian cotton duvets with decorative fabrics require special cleaning requirements unlike other bedding sets, and need to be washed in cold water on a gentle wash cycle. This is the best way to keep your luxury bedding looking and feeling its best. This is because cold water is less likely to cause fading or other damage to your bedding or synthetic materials used the design therefore a gentle wash cycle will help your bedding last longer.


Duvet Covers will bring a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Made with the finest quality soft materials, this duvet will last for years to come. Thanks to the modern bedding design, it will fit any style. An organic cotton Duvet Cover or even a Luxury Duvet Cover can be used as an affordable gift for friends or family members who appreciate quality and elegance.

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